The Google Search Network is a network of websites and apps that display your ads when certain keywords are searched for. By advertising on Google search, you can select keywords that are related to your business. When a consumer searches for terms that match those keywords, your ad will appear near the search results, increasing your visibility on the internet.

Search Network:

Where do Google Ads appear?

When you create ads, they can be displayed on a variety of websites and apps within the Google Search Network. While Google search results are the most common place for ads to appear, there are also Search Partners that collaborate with Google to feature ads, significantly expanding your reach and visibility.

Google Search Websites

Your ads can be shown at the top or bottom of the organic search results on Google. Only four ads can be shown above the search results. You will be competing with other advertisers who are bidding on the same keywords. This applies to not only Google search, but also Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Play, and even the Maps app.

Google Search Partners

When you advertise on Google, your ads can also appear on hundreds of non-Google websites through search partners. This includes popular sites such as YouTube and Amazon. Additionally, these partners also display your shopping ads, not only keyword search ads, which helps to expand your reach and increase your chances of reaching potential customers.

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Different types of Google Search Ads

Ad Extensions

Google Ads provides extensions that can enhance your ad by providing additional information, which can increase the click-through rate. There are various types of extensions available, such as call buttons, site links, price links and more. Google Ads chooses which extension to display with your ad based on the consumer’s search query. Extensions provide more details about your ad, which improves visibility on search result pages.

One of the benefits of using extensions is the interactive option they provide for consumers to contact you, such as a call button, which can increase the number of clicks you receive. Adding extensions to your ads is free, you will only pay when someone clicks on the ad or the extension.

Call-only ads

“Call-only ads” are a type of ad designed for the search network, specifically for mobile devices that have the capability to make phone calls. These ads are created to encourage users to call your business directly with the click of a button. When a user clicks on your ad, it automatically initiates a phone call from their device to your business number. These ads make it easy to measure the performance of your ad by providing a detailed sheet of your calls and counting them as conversions.

Search Network with Google Display Campaigns

The Display Expansion on Search campaign combines the use of Google AdWords and Search Network Ads. By using this type of campaign, your advertisements will appear on the search results page, search partner sites, as well as relevant Google Display Network sites. This campaign can help to expand your reach to a larger audience and connect with potential customers early in the purchasing process.

This campaign is typically set up using the same parameters as a Search Network campaign, including budget, relevant keywords, and bids. However, on the Google Display Network, bidding is automated and ads are selective, to reach the right audience. The budget priority is always given to the Search Network, with ads being featured on the Google Display Network only when there are sufficient resources in the budget.

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